Stoic Al, (AKA Allen Marina), was born into poverty in 1980, somewhere on the outskirts of Bogata, Colombia.

Abandoned by his father, Al found himself alone with a younger brother, at the doorstep of a Bogata orphanage. There, at age seven, he was spotted by an American social worker who identified him and his little brother as ‘adoptable ninos”. In 1987, the siblings were adopted by an American couple, and Al began his life anew, living the “American Dream”.

Al,’s unique artistic ability was evident from his earliest school years. By high school, his notebooks were crammed full of sometimes playful, sometimes enigmatic doodlings. But always Al anquished over personal struggles, inner strife. His art was a living, growing part of him, yet he doubted whether it would be understood by those around him. Today it has evolved into very personal, often emotional expressions, which strike a chord among those who view it.

Al devotes much of his energy to his young daughter, working to create an environment where she can enjoy a happy, loving, productive life. He hopes his art can communicate to others whose experiences are similar to his own. He encourages others to explore the benefits that the Stoic philosophy can provide.

Today Al’s fans can enjoy his art on everything from tee shirts to posters, to coffee mugs, to poetry . Be surprised, be inspired, be amazed.